Today's date has been updated the used page: a) Continuous Straching machine FC 600 b) Kneading machine 100Kg c) Hot water preparer d) Hardening machine 10 x 1.5Mt long e) Pasteurizer 1000 l/h 3sections


A new movie to see how one proceeds to the implementation of a dairy product, starting from a simple 'Multi_purpose insulated mini-vat cooking to direct flame spreader, TIS' that you can find in Machinery and Equipment category 'Line coagulation and forming'


It communicates to all the kind visitors who has been updated the section 'used'. In addition the group Machines and Plants have been included two other new machines: (A)Group forming and hardening a carousel in categories of Stretching lines and forming; B)Mozzarella-Cutting in packaging category


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